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Behold the future of hydration


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The upright.

a bottle made for cyclist

The Upright is a traditional sports bottle, with one big difference. It is designed to make you faster and safer.

How? By using this bottle without rotating it, allowing you to keep your aerodynamic position and focus on the road.

This unique and patented design is the product of a two year long proces, in which we created the tool we believe a sports bottle should be. Allowing you to drink in an aerodynamic position, without losing sight of the road.

About us

For decades sports bottles have been the same. Placing cyclists all over the world in the position to choose between speed & safety and hydration during their run. Wouldn’t it be great to drink in a safe way, without losing speed?

We sure thought so.

We are NOTHIRST and we believe hydration to be the key in unlocking your peak performance. We take a different angle on hydration, developing innovative and sustainable products to provide athletes with the tools to reach their full potential.

How will we achieve this?

Our launch in march 2022 will be driven by a Kickstarter campaign, where we introduce our patented sports bottle, the Upright. The Upright is unique in the sense that it helps road cyclists by letting them drink in an aerodynamic position whilst keeping their eyes on the road. Drinking more aerodynamically will therefore not only improve performance but also drastically contribute to road safety.


A bottle
focused on

The Upright is designed to be used in an aerodynamic position, by holding the bottle parallel to your upper body.
With the angular neck, the internal straw and squeezable material, we created the perfect conditions to hydrate as efficiently as possible. Reducing your drag up to 35% compared to a traditional bottle. 

What do actual
cyclists think

The Upright is a really cleaver bottle. When I saw it, I could't believe this was the first time someone thought about this. As a cyclist and ice skater it helps me to drink more efficiently. Especially with a head wind.

Wendy Breedijk
Cyclist and ice skating coach

Using the Upright feels so natural. Since I've used this bottle, I instinctively want to use other bottles the same way. Only to realize that it wont work when I squeeze into them. This is by far my new favorite bottle.

Tonny Zaal
Award winning triathlete

Keep your eyes
on the road

With the unique drinking position of the Upright, there is no need to tilt your head anymore. Keeping your eyes on the road will greatly improve your safety, compared to a conventional bottle. After all, traffic accidents most likely occur when you are distracted and not looking at the road in front of you.

You wont lose this bottle

Conventional bottles will surely roll away when you drop them. The Upright will not roll, because of its angular neck. Ensuring you won't lose your new favorite bottle when you drop it.

details of your new favorite bottle

Compact design, holding 250ml more fluid in the same height compared to a conventional bottle.

Lightweight but strong, competing with the lightest bottles out there.

Made from durable biobased plastics, for minimal environmental impact.

Easily to clean, by completely disassembling the Upright.

in harmony with nature

We at NOTHIRST believe in responsible entrepreneurship. We strive to minimize our impact on the environment and contribute to a fair and equitable society. 

the netherlands


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